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University of Exeter: The Exeter Approach to Employability

Exeter offers traditional academic and largely non-vocational programmes. None the less, the University has become well recognised for its imaginative commitment to employability which is central to the mission of the institution. Exeter University has over a decade of experience in developing employability and PDP-related activities, through a mixture of high-impact top-down and bottom-up approaches that are supported centrally through Learning and Teaching Committee.

The approach combines a broad range of curriculum-based and accredited and assessed extra-curricula activities. These provide students with a continuum of opportunities to enable them to enhance their employability and become more confident and independent learners. This represents a multifaceted approach to employability and skills development, and making sense of experiences through personal development planning. Every School participates in curriculum-based activities, with each being supported and encouraged to embed centrally developed teaching and learning packages.

The Exeter case study can be downloaded here (Exeter Dawn Lees.pdf).

Additional information includes:
Employability Strategy (Exeter strategy.pdf)
Objectives (ExeterObjectives03-06.pdf)
Feedback on activities
(Exeter appx.rtf)
Personal development planning

Institutional case studies

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