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University of Bradford: Changing Landscape, Revised Approach

This study reviews initiatives taken over the last decade to address the issues of employability at the University of Bradford during a period of significant change for the institution. It considers the factors leading to change in student profile, the historical perspective and the institutional reaction to initiatives developed from Career Development Services. The study analyses how changes in organisational structure, technology and a new emphasis on service development have supported the transformation of delivery from a traditional careers service to one that is placed at the centre of academic involvement. It reflects on the opportunities taken within the institution that have enabled Career Development Services to draw significant additional funding into the department to support priorities in teaching, in embracing the benefits of information and communication technology and in allowing the development of innovative approaches to service delivery.

The case study is available here (RWBRADFORD REVISED 07.07.04.pdf)

The supporting documents are available here:
Mission statement (Mission Statement Bradford.doc)
Excellence plus policy statement

Institutional case studies

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