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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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core definition

Action is a term used in the United States to imply a judgment or decision following an accreditation.

explanatory context


analytical review

CHEA (2002) defines action as:

A judgment by an accrediting organization regarding accreditation for new institutions and programs or review of accreditation for ongoing institutions and programs. Includes, for example, denial of accreditation, probation, and warning. (See also adverse action.)


Action in this sense is similar to the term ‘decision’ used in other countries in relation to quality review processes.

associated issues


related areas

See also

adverse action


Council For Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) 2001, Glossary of Key Terms in Quality Assurance and Accreditation,, last updated 23 October 2002, accessed 18 September 2012, page not available 30 December 2016.

copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2021

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