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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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Criteria-referenced assessment

core definition

Criteria-referenced assessment is the process of evaluating (and grading) the learning of students against a set of pre-specified criteria.

explanatory context

It is often contrasted with norm-referenced assessment.

analytical review

For Wojtczak (2002):

Criterion-referenced assessment refers to testing against an absolute standard such as an individual's performance against a benchmark. 

A criterion-referenced standard is a fixed standard that may undergo periodic re-evaluation in view of shifts or trends in candidates' performance over time. The criterion reference orientation links the standard to the content of the level of competence.


For Huitt (1996), the purpose of criteria-referenced assessment is:

To determine whether each student has achieved specific skills or concepts.

To find out how much students know before instruction begins and after it has finished.


 Mississippi State University (2004) notes that:

Criterion-referenced scores (proficiency levels), unlike norm-referenced scores, have their own meanings. These scores or levels are defined in terms of specific competencies expected of students… (2011), defines criterion-referenced assessment as:

Evaluation that attempts to uncover the strengths and weakness of a student or trainee in terms of what he or she knows or doesn't know, understands or doesn't understand, or can do or cannot do, as measured against a benchmark or standard. Also called content referenced assessment or criterion referenced test.

The University of South Australia (2011) states:

Criterion referenced assessment: An assessment of student performance against pre-determined criteria related to the learning outcomes of the course. The criteria by which work is to be judged are made explicit and the grade awarded is intended to directly reflect how well the student has met the criteria. Final grading depends on the individual student's achievement, irrespective of the performance of other students in the class.

associated issues

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copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2021

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