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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-22, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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Fly-in staff

core definition

Fly-in staff (or fly-in academics, or flying faculty) are staff based at the home higher education academic provider who travel to service a franchised programme in a branch campus.

explanatory context

Fly-in staff tend to be academics teaching on the programmes, as the administrative staff tend to be based permanatly at the branch campus. The term 'fly-in' or 'fly-in, fly out' usually implies that the branch campus is in a different country and the mode of transport is by air.

analytical review

The UK Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) (undated) states:

Flying faculty (Or 'fly-in, fly-out faculty') An arrangement whereby a programme is delivered in a location away from the main campus (usually overseas) by staff from the degree-awarding body. (Support for students may be provided by local staff.)

associated issues

related areas

See also

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off-shore provision


Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA), undated, Glossary, available at, accessed 3 January 2017, not available 20 June 2019.

copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2022

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