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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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core definition

A non-university higher education institution, in the Netherlands and Belgium, focusing on vocational education. (Plural hogescholen)

explanatory context

Similar to Fachhochschule in Germany.

analytical review

One description in English describes Dutch Hogescholen as follows:

Formerly known as higher technical schools (HTS) these schools along with the universities are part of  Dutch higher education. HBO diploma programs are more professionally oriented than the university level programs;  minimum admission requirement is the HAVO (senior secondary education) diploma representing 12 years of education. The programs are usually four years long; the first year is the propedeuse, the second advanced  theoretical training, the third year is mainly practical training of 6-10 months duration, and the fourth year is for independent study with completion of a paper and/or final project. Because of the length of the practical training component we view an HBO diploma as admissible with possible deficiencies. (UWM, 2004)

ICHEFAP (2004) notes:

In The Netherlands Higher Professional Education is offered by institutions for higher vocational education, or hogeschole…. Higher professional education is extremely diverse: courses lead to over 200 different qualifications for a wide range of occupations. There are large HBO institutions offering a wide variety of courses in many different sectors and medium-sized and small colleges offering a small assortment in one sector only. Mergers have reduced the number of HBO institutions from almost 350 in mid-1980s to 58 by 1999. Courses are divided into seven sectors: Education, Agriculture, Engineering and Technology, Health Care, Economics, Behaviour and Society, Language and Culture… Since 1993 the higher vocational education institutions (HBOs) and universities have been governed by the same legislation: the Higher Education and Research Act (WHW).

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