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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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Non-formal learning

core definition

Non-formal learning involves a structured or semi-structured learning environment but does not lead to formalised certification.

explanatory context

Non-formal learning is often referred to as informal learning although some commentators distinguish the two.

analytical review

The PROTEIN Poject (undated) website, referring to 'A Memorandum on Lifelong Learning, European Commission, Unit E-3', contrasts non-formal learning with formal and informal learning. It states:

Non-formal learning takes place alongside the mainstream systems of education and training and does not typically lead to formalised certificates. Non-formal learning may be provided in the workplace and through the activities of civil society organisations and groups (such as in youth organisations, trades unions and political parties). lt can also be provided through organisations or services that have been set up to complement formal systems (such as arts, music and sports classes or private tutoring to prepare for examinations).

associated issues

related areas

See also

formal learning

informal learning



PROTEIN Project , undated, Definition of formal, non-formal and informal learning available at, accessed 5 September 2012, page not available 4 January 2017.

copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2021

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