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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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Preliminary study

core definition

Preliminary study is an initial exploration of issues related to a proposed quality review or evaluation.

explanatory context

Preliminary studies do not happen in all systems but they may be used to identify key features to be addressed in a quality process.

analytical review

EVA (2004) refer to the preliminary study in the Danish evaluation process as follows:

The project team will be making a preliminary study before the terms of reference are issued. The aim of the preliminary study is to give an overview and ensure that the evaluation covers relevant areas of focus.

The preliminary study should specifically lead to establishment of an evaluation group, appointment of the institutions to be evaluated and, finally, to the formulation of the terms of reference.

The following elements are typically covered by the preliminary study:

·      Ministerial acts and statutes

·      Curriculum

·      Dialogue with stakeholders and experts.

associated issues

related areas

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Danmarks Evalueringsinstitut [Danish Evaluation Institute] (EVA), 2004, Home / Knowledge and method / EVA's method / Preliminary study, undated, accessed, October, 2004, no longer available at this address 14 March 2011.

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