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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-19, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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core definition

Prerequisite is an attribute, qualification or course completion that a student must have before taking a specified course or programme of study.

explanatory context

A prerequisite maybe a specified course in a programme of study that must be completed satisfactorily before taking a subsequent (usually more advanced course). It may be a qualification such as a bachelor degree prior to taking a masters degree. It may be a foundation programme prior to starting a bachelor course in, for example, fine art. It may be an ability to play an instrument to a performance level as a condition of entering an advanced music programme.

analytical review

US News (2012) states:

Prerequisite: A required course that must be completed before a student is allowed to enroll in a more advanced one.

Indiana College Network (ICN), (undated) defines prrequisite(s) as:

Requirement(s) necessary before a student can take a particular class.

Northeast Texas Network Consortium (NTNC, 2002), defines prrequisite as follows:

These are the minimum requirements for enrolling in a course. They are often listed in the class schedule and in course descriptions. For example, Spanish I is a prerequisite for Spanish II.


Castleton University (undated) states:

Prerequisite(s) Requirement(s) necessary to complete prior to a student taking a specific course.

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copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2019

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