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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-22, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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core definition

Report (n.) is the outcome of an evaluation process.

explanatory context

A report is usually a written document drawn up by (a subgroup or delegated individual representing) those who undertook the quality review/evaluation/monitoring. The report of the evaluators is usually made, in the first instance, to the agency commissioning the review or its controlling committee (or equivalent). Sometimes, as for example the European Universities Association Institutional reviewing process, the initial report to the reviewees is an oral presentation.


The report is often shared, in the first instance, with the reviewees for the sake of establishing accuracy. Any decision that the quality review process requires is then based on the (amended) report (along with whatever other evidence is required by the decision-making body) and the outcome communicated to the reviewees. The reviewees usually receive a full report along with any decision.


Often the report, or an edited version of it, is published by the agency. Sometimes the institution also published the report or elements of it on its web site (internet and/or intranet) along with any self-evaluation and subsequent action plans or outcomes of action pertaining to the report.


There are  many variations on reporting by country and by type of quality process.

analytical review

CHEA (2002) refers to a team report in the US and audit report in the UK, defined as:

Team Report: (U.S.) The report of the evaluation resulting from a site visit by assessors of a particular institution or program. Results in an accreditation or quality assurance recommendation or denial (an adverse action).

Audit Report: (U.K.) The document prepared following a quality assessment peer review team site visit. The report generally focuses on institutional quality, academic standards, learning infrastructure, and staffing. In Europe, the document is more likely to be called an "evaluation report" or "assessment report."


In the US accreditation setting, the team report is distinguished from ‘third-party comment:

Third-Party Comment: (U.S.) Recognition statement of a party (other than the accreditor and the applicant) seeking to address an applicant's efforts to meet an accrediting organization's recognition standards. (CHEA, 2002)


EVA (2004) describes a report in the following terms:

Report: The evaluation is concluded with a report. In the report, the evaluation group will present its conclusions and proposals for quality improvement of the educational programme. This could be a number of assessments and recommendations. Apart from assessments and recommendations, the report also contains a description of the aim and process of the evaluation and a presentation, assessment and analysis of the material for documentation. The evaluation group may also present its own views. Prior to publication, the report is submitted for consultation with the evaluated establishments. This will give the establishments the opportunity to comment on the report and correct any factual errors. All the establishments that have participated will receive a copy of the final report. Any other supplementary surveys will be published as separate appendices together with the report but have to be ordered separately from EVA.

associated issues

Whether to make reports public or not depends on the aim of the report. Is the report linked to accountability, compliance, control, informational or improvement purposes? The nature and extent of publication of reports should take into account the appropriate purpose or rationale.


Increasingly there is pressure for reports to be made public, irrespective of the purpose of the evaluation.

related areas

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copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2022

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