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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2004-21, Analytic Quality Glossary, Quality Research International,

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core definition

A transcript is a printed or electronic record of student achievement while in higher education.

explanatory context

It is also referred to as an academic transcript.

analytical review

The University of Ballarat, Australia, (2004) states:

An Academic Transcript is a record of a student's results for the duration of the student's enrolment at the University.


Charles Sturt University, Division of Student Administration (2011) defines an academic transcript as:

An official statement of a student's academic record in a course.


The Indiana College Network, US, (2007) defines a transcript as:

student record of grades, courses completed, and advancement toward a degree or toward the completion of a program.

The Northeast Texas Network Consortium (NTNC, 2002) states:

Transcript: A list of all the courses a student has taken with the grades that the student earned in each course. A college will often require a high school transcript when a student applies for admission to the college.


Transcripts are also part of the development of Progress Files in the UK. The Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) (2004) describes transcript as follows:

·      The transcript provides a comprehensive verifiable record of the learning and achievement of an individual learner;

·      transcripts should also provide learners with a record of their learning while they are studying; a formative statement that should help students monitor and reflect on their progress, and plan their further academic development;

·      the Guidelines for HE progress files, … encourage higher education institutions to introduce a transcript, that includes a consistent data set, by 2001/2002, but notes that the use of such a transcript would not be expected until 2002/2003.[It is not clear whether this has been implemented to schedule across the sector]

associated issues


related areas

See also

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copyright Lee Harvey 2004–2021

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