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Cinematic apparatus

Cinematic apparatus refers to all the components of cinema, from film production, through distribution and exhibition. It encompasses the filmic text as well as the institutional conditions of a film's existence. It is the product of the economic and ideological conditions of existence of cinema at any moment in history.


Cinematic specificity

Cinematic specificity refers to elements of signification that operate only in the language of cinema, i.e. are specific to cinematic film.


Deconstructive cinema

Deconstructive cinema works by breaking down the modes of signification characteristic of dominant cinema.


Direct cinema

Direct cinema is a style of documentary film making which minimises the manipulation of the appearance and ordering of what is being filmed (the profilmic event). Direct cinema was developed in the United States in the 1960s and is dependent on lightweight mobile film equipment.


Dominant cinema

Dominant cinema is the combination of institutional conditions of production, distribution and exhibition of films for world-wide mass markets. Dominat cinema has functioned as a major mass communications medium. Dominant cinema has a distinct set of textual characteristics associated with the classic realist text. The blockbuster Hollywood movie is an example form of dominant cinema.


New women's cinema


Socialist realist cinema


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