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core definition

Neo-Neitzschian is a label applied to contemporary European philosophers who have 'rediscovered' Neitzsche.

explanatory context

The rediscoveryshrugs off the 'misuse' of Neitzschian philosophy by the Fascistsand concentrates on the radical questioning of Enlightenmentphilosophy in Neitzsche's work.


Crucially, these reconstructions and developments of Neitzsche concentrate on the concept of reflexivity.


Neo-Neitzschians tend to be concerned with social-political movements like the green movement, anti-nuclear politics, etc. They argue that post-capitalist/postmodernist society is only graspable through a radical reconception of philosophical frames, of which Neitzsche's reworking of reflexivity is fundamental.


Among those who have been referred to as Neo-Neitzschians are Heidegger, Derrida, and Lyotard.



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