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Citation reference: Harvey, L., 2012-17, Social Research Glossary, Quality Research International,

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A fast-paced novel of conjecture and surprises



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SECTION FROM ECO79 That codes will not always coincide does not bother the author of a closed text. Having posited the 'average' or model reader texts B that B B 'obsessively aim at arousing a precise response on the part B of more or less precise empirical readers ... are in fact B open to any possible 'aberrant' decoding. A text so B immodestly 'open' to every possible interpretation will be B called a CLOSED one.' (Eco, 1979, p. 8). B B Superman, Fleming's James Bond novels, and Sue's work as well as B soap operas belong to this closed category. B B 'They apparently aim at pulling the reader along a B predetermined path, carefully displaying their efforts so as B to arouse pity or fear, excitement or depression at the due B place and at the right moment'. (Eco, 1979, p. 8). B B However, such texts while pre-planned do not plan the reader. B Superman can be read as a new form of romance but can also be B read in other ways - each independent of theothers. This cannot B happen with OPEN texts (such as Finnegan's Wake) because it B outlines a 'closed' project of its model reader as a 'component B of its structural strategy'. B B 'It is possible to be stupid enough to read Kafka's 'Trial' B as a trivial criminal novel, but at this point the text B collapses'. (Eco, 1979, p. 9-10). B B An open text is thus nothing else but 'the semantic-pragmatic B production of its own model reader'. B A

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A NOVEL Who bombed a Birmingham mosque?

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